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Product List

Product List

Granmor eye lash treatment

Gran moire eyelash treatment (eyelash beauty solution)

This product is intended for women who suffer from eyelash damage, hair loss, and cuts due to the use of mascara, tipped eyelashes, eyelash perms, and viewers. This product is formulated with “mulberry white peel extract,” which is highly effective for hair growth and is used as a raw material for hair growth products, improved for use in eyelashes. Clinical studies have confirmed the hair growth efficacy of eyelashes. The applicator is made of a blanket type of sponge material.

> Granmor eye lash treatment

Volume 6ml Suggested Retail Price 2,300Yen (excl. tax)

High-concentration oxygen liquid WOX

Be created by a team of science doctors
High-concentration oxygen liquid WOX (wox)

“WOX” is an oxygen supply water that can dissolve “oxygen” in water at a high concentration and efficiently supplement it. You can take up more oxygen not only from the lungs but also by taking water that has dissolved oxygen. Oxygen entering through a different route than breathing can quickly reach tissues far from the lungs, where its supply tends to be delayed. Drinking 125ml has an effect equal to or greater than one hour in oxygen capsules, and you can safely drink it with zero calorie.


Capacity 500ml Price 600Yen (excl. tax)
Capacity 300ml Price 500Yen (excl. tax)

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