Imamura Office specializes in cosmetics and pharmaceutical consulting.

For cosmetics and pharmaceutical consultation
Imamura Office


1-32-20-212, Kami-Ikebukuro,
Toshima-ku, Tokyo 170-0012

Office Policy

Our policy

Based on our 35-year experience in the cosmetics industry, Imamura Office will assist individuals and companies that will begin their cosmetics business. It also accepts outsourcing of operations related to the Pharmaceutical Act.


Akihiro Imamura

I have had a variety of experience in the cosmetics industry for 35 years at the following companies:

○ KOSÉ Corporation
… R&D of cosmetics (skin care products, hair care products) at the laboratory, product development and product planning at the Head Office
… Quality Control (responsible engineer), Production Technology (processing supervisor), General Manufacturing and Distribution Representative
… R&D of cosmetics

In addition, it has been registered as administrative procedures legal specialist since 1999.

Taking advantage of these experiences, we are acting as a cosmetics and pharmaceutical consultant. We would be pleased if we could assist companies and individuals who can begin their cosmetics business. In addition, we would like to give advice for companies that suffer in the cosmetics business. I hope my activities will help in the development of the cosmetic industry, which is an unexpected pleasure.


Books: Men's skin care and hair care that can

  • Graduated from the Department of Industrial Chemistry, Faculty of Engineering, Tokyo University of Science.
  • Master of Management, MBA, Graduate School of Commercial Science, Waseda University
  • At present, I’m the head of Imamura Office, a cosmetics and pharmaceutical consultant, a vice-branch head of the Toyoshima Branch of the Tokyo Metropolitan Administrative Procedures Legal Specialists Association, and an officials of the Tokyo SGG Club (I’m conducting sightseeing guidance to foreigners visiting Japan as a volunteer).
  • Major Works: Men’s Skin Care & Hair Care for competent men (Gokigenn BusinessPublishing, 2017)
    Deployment of the business of an administrative procedures legal specialist (co-author, Seibundo, 2017)

Office history

Founded Imamura Office of Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist.
Opening of websites

Imamura Office

Akihiro Imamura

1-32-20-212, Kami-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 170-0012

TEL 03-4361-6340
FAX 03-4361-6340

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